CoolPac are specialists in pharmaceutical cold chain packaging and temperature mapping in Australia.

We design, manufacture, validate and monitor Cold Chain delivery and storage systems for manufacturers, transporters, distributors and end-users of temperature critical products. Every clients’ delivery and storage requirements are treated as a unique Cold Chain project. The design and implementation of your Cold Chain solution will be fully compliant with GDP and GWP industry guidelines.

Pharmaceutical Cold Chain

The difficulties in storage and distribution of cold chain medicines has become the next hurdle in delivering a COVID vaccine to populations across the globe.

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Temperature Packaging Systems (TPS)

To facilitate the distribution of medicines and vaccines at these temperatures, CoolPac has developed a range of Temperature Packing Systems (TPS) that will assist companies in their logistics.

These Temperature Packing Systems are designed and manufactured in Australia. They are used by local and international pharmaceutical companies to transport medicines from Sydney to Hobart, Adelaide to Darwin or even overseas to the USA or Europe.

Regulatory Compliance

The TPS are pre-qualified and used by companies who must comply to TGA or US-FDA. Sometimes companies require “special” qualification to more stringent conditions. This qualification is conducted in bespoke environmental chambers, in CoolPac’s extensive laboratory. This extra qualification is often used by companies to reduce the risk of unforeseen problems occurring during transport.

Regulatory Compliance

Rigorous compliance allows us to deliver peace of mind when delivering cold chain products and services to the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry

About Us

Some medicines require specific cold chain conditions to ensure the medicines’ stability and efficacy.

Commonly these include:

  • Minus 80°C (frozen)
  • +2.0 to +8.0°C
  • +15.0 to +25.0°C

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Transport medicines and pharmaceuticals with confidence, using cold chain packagiing and advanced temperature mapping

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