Our policy is based on re-use before recycling and recycle before disposal

So, wherever possible our products are designed for multi-use rather than single-use and as such are well suited for use in reverse logistics. That makes it not only cost-effective but also better for the environment and our planet.

You will find we use these practices in all facets of our operations from Design & Manufacturing right through to our After Sales Service.


Our Polyurethane containers have been designed to be re-used many times. After multiple shipments, the outer cardboard shipper can be replaced with a new one whilst still re-using the existing urethane container. The original (used) outer shipper can then be sent for recycling.

It is worth noting that all of our CoolGels are safe to dispose of and as an extra bonus you will find our gel can be mixed with your existing garden soil to improve the soils water retention capability.

CoolPac is committed to complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. CoolPac strives to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System by periodically reviewing and updating the Quality Management System as appropriate.



CoolPac have implemented various manufacturing processes that are designed to

  • Utilise a minimal amount of energy
  • Limit the amount of chemicals used
  • Minimise the likelihood of serious leaks and/or spills
  • Keep waste to a minimum and also recycle wherever possible

Our manufacturing facility follows strict ISO 9001:2015 international quality standards and LEAN manufacturing principles to minimise as much waste as possible.

Batteries and e-Waste

CoolPac has the policy to accept used Temperature Data Loggers from customers. We ensure that they are ethically and legally disposed of in the most environmentally efficient way possible. E-waste is banned from many landfills throughout the world because of its toxic effect on the groundwater.