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Australian Manufacturer Ready to Aid the Distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccine

“Sophisticated eskies” have been in the news both in Australia and overseas. On TV it’s made out to sound like something newly invented. But to anyone in the industry we all know what happens every day of the week – just on a larger scale. So what really happens in delivering pharmaceuticals?

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WHO Annex 9 Supplement 13 Qualification of Shipping Containers

In our latest “Standards & Regulations Review”, CoolPacs Packing Engineer, Alex, looks at The WHO’s Annex 9; Supplement 13: “Qualification of Shipping Containers”. Is it worth your reading? Spend 4 minutes reading our summary to decide if its relevant to you.

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CoolPac’s Cold Chain Packaging Advantage

In terms of supply chain logistics, think for a moment the amount of effort that is normally involved with shipping items that need temperature-controlled packaging. Using a standard courier is off the table, as you have no real way to guarantee that they’ll have the ability to offer what you’re looking for – not that […]

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