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Environmental Challenges of Chinese Foam Manufacturers

It was “World Environment Day” recently. So its revelant on this occassion to think about how your purchasing practices impact the environment. Manufacturers of foam products use chemicals … No suprise there! But while most of the companies in the world use “approved” chemicals, there is evidence that some companies in China use banned chemicals that harm the environment; specifically the ozone layer.

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CoolPac Achieves ISO 9001 Accreditation

CoolPac, Australia’s leading pharmaceutical supplier of cold chain packaging, has gained accreditation to ISO 9001. CoolPac designs, manufactures and validates passive cold chain systems used in the transportation of pharmaceutical medicines.

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CoolPac Receives grant from the Victorian State Government Under “Boost your Business” Program

CoolPac is the biggest manufacturer / supplier of cold chain packaging in Australia. Their customers include major blue-chip pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers. CoolPac has been continually re-engineering their products and processes to make them the best in Australia and even surpase overseas compeditors.

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