In October of 2018 CoolPac achieved accreditation to ISO 9001: 2015 for Design, Manufacture and Testing of Temperature Controlled Shipping Systems.

Lyn Radnell, CoolPac’s Managing Director commented “… it was a simple thing to achieve the certification, considering all the time & resources CoolPac spend on Customer Audits and maintaining a QMS (Quality Management System). Most of our customers are blue chip pharmaceutical companies and their Vendor Qualification programs’ stipulate that CoolPac MUST maintain a QMS; so a little extra work to meet a few specific ISO requirements, and we passed the final ISO audit, with NO observations”.

CoolPac achieves ISO 9001 certification
CoolPac achieves ISO 9001 certification.

CoolPac designs, manufactures and tests passive cold-chain packaging systems. Their range of products include EPS & Polyurethane boxes ranging from 5 litres internal volume to a full 1100 litre pallet size container. All the packaging systems are fully validated to local and ISTA ambient profiles.