In terms of supply chain logistics, think for a moment the amount of effort that is normally involved with shipping items that need temperature-controlled packaging. Using a standard courier is off the table, as you have no real way to guarantee that they’ll have the ability to offer what you’re looking for – not that they should be expected to in the first place. From the start, you’re looking at specialised shipping partners and the increased freight bills that come with that. When you factor in the amount of preparation into cold chain management to make sure that your items get from their origin to their destination at the regulated temperature, you’re looking at a massive expense that is pretty much unavoidable every time you get a new shipment ready to go.

Or is it? CoolPac’s Temperature-Sensitive Packaging Advantage.

Temperature Controlled Packaging

At CoolPac, our goal is to make your life easier (and more profitable) in terms of cold chain logistics through a series of temperature-controlled packaging and shipping options that will completely revolutionise the way you think about distribution.

CoolPac offers a range of pre-qualified, high-quality temperature-controlled packaging and polyurethane foam insulated shippers that allow you to quickly, easily and (most importantly) reliably ship cold chain goods WITHOUT the need to invest in a more expensive temperature-controlled shipping truck solution. You can ship clinical trials, blood products, biological and pharmaceutical products, food products and more using standard couriers for trip durations of between one and six days, all without even worrying for a second about whether or not those items will be ruined by the time they get to your customers due to temperature issues.

The temperature range on these CoolPac options goes from +2 or 8 degrees Celsius to +15 or 25 degrees Celsius, offering you the reliable solution you’ve needed when you need it the most.


Olivo Insulated Shipping Containers

Elevating the chain packaging advantage to a bold new level, CoolPac is also proud to offer a range of industrial quality insulated shipping containers that are passively refrigerated at all times. With advanced capabilities, cold chain logistics have literally never been easier when using our Olivo Quality Insulated Shipping Containers.

This is yet another solution that can not only simplify your current operations but can also completely eliminate the need for refrigerated transport in the first place. These options also come with the type of inherent flexibility that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. By simply changing the eutectic plates, you can transport goods that need to remain frozen one day and chilled items the next. You can even mix and match the modules as your enterprise demands, allowing you to create several different temperature zones in the context of the same vehicle!

Flexibility, efficiency and reliability – that’s what CoolPac’s cold chain packaging advantage is all about. If you’d like to find out more information about how we can help your business succeed, contact CoolPac today.

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