Ewan McGregor’s Cold Chain Mission has aired on the BBC seven years ago. Ewan is an ambassador for UNICEF, and in the two-part documentary, it shows some of the difficulties in delivering medicines to remote communities. It is an interesting journey for anyone involved in Pharmaceutical Distribution or cold chain. It makes our complexities of last-mile quite simple.

Ewan McGregor assisting nurse administer medicine to a child.

It’s been several years since I watched Ewan McGregor’s Cold Chain Mission, (produced by the BBC). In the 2 part series, he follows the journey of the delivery of vaccines along 3 of the world’s most difficult cold chains. It reinforced to me, how vitally important our work here at CoolPac is when designing, validating and manufacturing our own temperature controlled packaging.

Keeping temperatures of products between 2 – 8 Degrees C for extended periods of time in extreme conditions is a difficult task BUT an important one.

Ewan McGregor walking through rainforest and rivers to deliver medicines to remote communities
Ewan McGregor delivering medicines to remote communities.

From a professional point of view, the way the vaccines were packed and kept cool in the documentary was not ideal- but that was 7 years ago in 2012. Typically, polystyrene boxes are half as insulating as Polyurethane Boxes. The lower insulation results in gel packs melting faster.

It was comforting to see that the vaccines had temperature indicators in each shipper, which gives some indication if the product has had temperature excursions.

Ewan McGregor’s cold chain program was very uplifting. It showed the dedication of cold chain distributors and the progress UNICEF & WHO have made in distributing vaccines to our children of the world; many of whom live in very difficult circumstances and conditions. The Cold Chain Mission gives a real insight into cold chain transport & distribution in third world countries and the challenges faced along the way.

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CoolPac designs and manufactures insulated shipping systems, similar to those used in Ewan’s and Unicef’s journey. They are used to transport medicines all around Australia from cities to rural regional outback towns.

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