LogTagRangeTemperature data loggers are a vital element of any business that transports or stores temperature sensitive products, such as medicines and pharmaceuticals requiring refrigeration, and foods that must be kept at stable temperatures, whether hot or cold. Data loggers allow you to monitor temperature within closed storage equipment while the goods are either in storage or being transported. Due to the wide range of different requirements across temperature sensitive products, choosing the right temperature data loggers for your business can be difficult. This guide aims to help you as you start or consider the selection process.

Firstly, make sure you know your needs. Do you transport sensitive goods, store them, or both? How accurate do your readings need to be? Some products can cope with a greater ranger of temperature variation before spoiling, while others demand accuracy down to parts of a degree. And how do you want to access the temperature information: while driving, from within a storeroom, from your office, or all of the above?

There are different temperature data loggers designed to fit specific needs. The most versatile and widely used in large businesses are log tag data loggers, which can be used at stable storage facilities as well as for monitoring during transportation. CoolPac has a range of temperature data loggers designed for long term use, and we offer professional installation services. Our LogTag range includes a free computer program that downloads temperature information onto set computers. This is an easy-to-use and customisable system.

Another effective option is a wireless temperature monitoring system, which is best in an environment that requires minimal disturbance. Once the wireless data logger system is installed, you will have access to complete and accurate information about your products, without having to risk causing temperature variations by physical monitoring within the storage space.

For short term use in temperature controlled packaging, such as polyurethane foam boxes and the like, portable temperature data loggers are an easy and cost-effective way to go. They allow you to make sure the temperature within individual containers remains stable, and can then be easily moved and reused. CoolPac’s LogTag range also contains this kind of temperature data logger, which offers instant readings on the logger’s screen, and also includes the computer program.

Depending on which kind of logger you need, the cost will naturally vary. CoolPac uses a high quality brand for reliability, accurate readings and the best battery life. After over a decade of working with temperature sensitive materials, we know the importance of trustworthy equipment.