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Electronic and Battery Recycling..

All e-Waste is now banned from Landfill in Victoria. CoolPac has a battery recycling program where we will ensure that any temperature data loggers sold can be returned and ethically recycled.

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Environmental Challenges of Chinese Foam Manufacturers

It was “World Environment Day” recently. So its revelant on this occassion to think about how your purchasing practices impact the environment. Manufacturers of foam products use chemicals … No suprise there! But while most of the companies in the world use “approved” chemicals, there is evidence that some companies in China use banned chemicals that harm the environment; specifically the ozone layer.

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CoolPac’s Cold Chain Packaging Advantage

In terms of supply chain logistics, think for a moment the amount of effort that is normally involved with shipping items that need temperature-controlled packaging. Using a standard courier is off the table, as you have no real way to guarantee that they’ll have the ability to offer what you’re looking for – not that […]

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