Topic : Regulatory

WHO’s Annex 9 Supplement 7: Qualification of Temperature Controlled Storage Areas.

This document provides a brief overview of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guide on “Qualification of Temperature Controlled Storage Areas,” which serves as a benchmark for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) storage areas. For further information, readers are encouraged to review the primary document.

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WHO Annex 9 Supplement 13 Qualification of Shipping Containers

In our latest “Standards & Regulations Review”, CoolPacs Packing Engineer, Alex, looks at The WHO’s Annex 9; Supplement 13: “Qualification of Shipping Containers”. Is it worth your reading? Spend 4 minutes reading our summary to decide if its relevant to you.

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TGA’s Good Wholesaling Practice

A short overview of Australia’s TGA Good Wholesaling Practice. Australia’s version of a pharmaceutical Good Distribution Practice (GDP). When the TGAs Good Wholesaling Practice is compared to international GDPs it misses in some key elements. However it does have some solid requirements for cold chain distribution.

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