CoolPac’s range of cold chain packaging including pre-qualified Polyurethane Foam Insulated Shippers allows you to reliably ship temperature sensitive medicines with standard couriers for trip durations of between 1 and 6 days.

All Polyurethane Shippers stay within a temperature range of Frozen,+2 to 8°C, or +15 to 25°C. Depending on the Shipper, this temperature range can be reliably maintained for between 1 to 6 days.

Choose the size that is right for you, or we can manufacture the size that suits your requirements (min quantities apply).

Cold Chain Packaging Information

Use dry ice to ship frozen medicines / drugs.

Use a combination of chilled and frozen gel packs to ship chilled medicines / drugs.

Safely monitor product temperature and humidity during shipping. Recessed cavities allow for placement of temperature data loggers.

Each box design has been through rigorous laboratory and real-life Cold Chain validation. Tested to ISTA and Australian Standards, and pre-qualified for summer and winter shipping conditions.

Fully moulded construction minimizes leaks and gives excellent thermal properties. Our Polyurethane Shippers are twice as insulating as a Styrofoam Box.

Kits include gel packs, polyurethane container and product carton.

We supply replacement cartons so your Shipper can be re-used many times without compromising its appearance.

Manufactured in Australia