It is important that blood and blood components be transported and maintained at the same temperature that they are stored at. The correct temperature for blood products varies according to whether the product is red blood cells, blood platelets, frozen plasma components or fractionated blood products.

Blood must stay between 2 – 6 Degrees Celcius

Ambient blood products stay at 10 – 25 Degrees Celcius

Platelets need to be stored between 20 – 24 Degrees Celcius

The ideal way to transport blood is to use insulated polyurethane shippers packed with gels packs.

All packing methods should be validated for various transport times and environmental temperatures. These validations ensure that contents of the boxes are maintained at the correct temperature for the duration of the anticipated transport time. CoolPac can validate for domestic and international shipping for 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours and 96 hours +.

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