Olivo Insulated Shipping Containers For Cold Chain Distribution


Deliver Chilled, Frozen and Dry Goods in One Truck. Now That’s Smart!

Simple and Flexible Cold Chain Management

CoolPac’s range of Olivo industrial quality insulated shipping containers are passively refrigerated. They assist in making your cold chain manageable, effective, flexible and cost-effective. Use our range of Olivo insulated containers to:
  • Simplify your fleet management by eliminating the need for refrigerated transport.
  • Gives flexible transport options. Rapidly respond to changed shipping requirements.
  • Swapping eutectic plates for dry-ice to transport chilled goods one day and frozen goods the next.
  • Mixing and matching modules to achieve multiple temperature zones in one vehicle.
  • Improve worker effectiveness.
  • Load goods at shift-end, store overnight, deliver the next morning.
  • Wheel your Olivo insulated container to and from your packing area.
  • Improve delivery van effectiveness. Make your vans capable of carrying a wide variety of refrigerated and frozen goods to smaller delivery points.
  • Maintain the integrity of Cold Chain goods while in transition areas.
  • Transport frozen goods in refrigerated vehicles.
  • Segregate meats for HACCP food safety regulation and religious reasons.
  • CO2 neutral when eutectic plates are cooled using green power.

Olivo BAC Range

Olivo ROLL Range

Olivo Maxi

Download Olivo BAC & ROLL Range & Spec Sheet

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