A more sustainable solution for the pharmaceutical industry

PCM Systems are sleek and simple-to-use modular-designed cartons ofering environmentally friendly, high-peformance solutions when transporting medicines and vaccinees around the globe. Our cold chain distribution packaging solutions and services deliver temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products safely and swiftly to those who need them most.

Same pack-out all year round

How Do they work?

Phase change material (PCM) is a versatile and effective solution for maintaining temperature control during the transport of pharmaceutical products that require storage between 2° to 8°, 15° to 25° and -20° Celsius.

PCM provides a consistent temperature range for a specific period of time by absorbing and releasing heat in a controlled manner, eliminating the need for external intervention such as refrigeration or cooling systems.

The use of PCM in pharmaceutical packaging reduces the risk of product degradation and spoilage, while also being cost-effective and eco-friendly.

PCM eliminates the energy consumption and carbon footprint associated with temperature-controlled transport, making it a more sustainable solution for the pharmaceutical industry. With its reliability and versatility, PCM is an excellent choice for companies looking for a dependable and sustainable solution for temperature-controlled transport.

Kind to our environment

Designed, rigorously tested, and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, we strive to deliver recyclable products, creating sustainable solutions to suit your needs. CoolPac systems are reusable, the outer casing can be replaced and recycled whilst maintaining its existing urethane container.

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CoolPac7 PCM

(+2°C to 8°C) (+15°C to 25°C) (-20°C )

7 Litres 72+ Hrs

CoolPac15 PCM

(+2°C to 8°C) (+15°C to 25°C) (-20°C )

15 Litres 72+ Hrs

CoolPac45 PCM

(+2°C to 8°C) (+15°C to 25°C) (-20°C )

45 Litres 144+ Hrs

Good health and safety

The good health of others underpins everything we do at CoolPac because the products we deliver on your behalf can save lives. Therefore, the safety of your products is vital, and we are committed to safely manufacturing temperature-controlled packaging in accordance with Safe Work Australia. CoolPac is also ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 accredited.

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