CoolPac7 PCM

CoolPac7 PCM – High Performance Cold Chain Packaging “Same Pack Out all year round”

Polyurethane Insulated Shippers

Compact multi-use insulated shippers using high-performance Phase Change Material (PCM) for medium to long-haul transport of temperature-sensitive products using our highly effective OneCell Urethane insulation. Pre-qualified to ISTA 7D standards.

Items in the kit

Outer Shipper OneCell polyurethane insulated container & 6 x 207 PCM Plates


Outer: 297 x 297 x 290 mm Product Space: 105 x 105 x 105 mm

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  • Temperature
  • -20.0 to -80.0°C (Frozen)
  • +2.0 to +8.0°C
  • +2.0 to +25.0°C
  • +15.0 to +25.0°C
  • Validation Time
  • Validated to XX Hours
  • Validated to XX  Hours
  • TBA
  • Currently being validated
  • Payload
  • Pay Load: 5 kg Dry Ice
  • Pay Load: 1.16 Litres
  • Pay Load: 1.16 Litres
  • Pay Load: 1.16 Litres

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