Biological Shippers Packing Instruction 650

If you are in the business of shipping biological and blood samples between laboratories or around the world, you will be aware of the specialized packaging requirements. Most companies use dry ice shipping boxes that comply with IATA Dangerous Good Regulation and UN3373. This biological shipper has been tested and approved to ship category B biological substances.

Blood Transport

The outer box is printed with UN3373, Biological Substances Category B and meet the requirements for IATA.


  • Insulated Polyurethane Shippers 5, 15, 30, and 45 Litres
  • Medical 95kPa Specimen bag with biohazard marker
  • Absorbent pads

These blood transport shippers can be used for dry ice shipping or 2 – 8 degree C shipping worldwide for the delivery of biological samples, clinical trial shipments and patient samples.  Contact CoolPac on 1300 266 555 for more information.