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Whilst the government and media spouts the need for “sophisticated eskies” to enable the import and distribution of large quantities of the COVID-19 vaccine, CoolPac, an Australian-owned cold chain packaging specialist, is already prepared. Having provided specialty transport packaging for the pharmaceutical industry for decades, CoolPac is equipped to supply packaging solutions for the safe delivery of the coronavirus vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

Pre-Validated, Temperature-Controlled Transport Packaging

CoolPac specialises in the design, testing and manufacture of purpose-built transport packaging for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. CoolPac’s two core systems are used daily by major logistics and pharmaceutical companies in Australia and include:

  • Packaging that is capable of withstanding temperatures of -70.0°C and below for up to five days (120 hours), even in hot summer conditions. This includes a combination of high-quality polyurethane containers as well as dry-ice for optimal efficacy.
  • Packaging that can transport products between +2.0°C to +8.0°C for up to four days (96 hours). This system utilises a combination of chilled and frozen gel bricks to consistently maintain product temperature for the entire duration of the journey.

Effective Temperature Monitoring

In order to safeguard products as well as confirm that the products have maintained the required temperature throughout their logistics route, CoolPac also supplies specialty temperature monitoring products. Data loggers can be positioned alongside the product inside the transport shipper and viewed once received at the destination.

Expert Knowledge

CoolPac is not a start-up jumping on an opportunity – they have been doing this for decades. Their extensive experience and expertise means they will ensure the right solutions are selected based on the products and the journey duration, then supply these solutions in the most timely and efficient manner.

Rigorous Quality Control

The number one priority for CoolPac is maintaining superior quality at every level. This includes locally sourcing and hand-picking the highest quality products, as well as a full quality control system in place in CoolPac’s manufacturing facilities.

Onsite Training

CoolPac has a dedicated training team that can train staff onsite to ensure the correct usage and safe handling of all CoolPac solutions.

About CoolPac

Located in Melbourne, CoolPac is an Australian-owned company dedicated to designing, testing and manufacturing reusable transport for the pharmaceutical industry both across Australia and globally. With ISO 9001 accreditation as well over thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, CoolPac is a preferred cold chain solutions supplier for many logistics and pharmaceutical companies. CoolPac has a dedicated team that design, test and validate systems to guarantee products can be safely transported as per the TGA.

To find out more about CoolPac or how CoolPac can assist you with packaging for the safe transport of COVID-19 vaccines, contact CoolPac.

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