Food Transport

A premium bakery chain chose CoolPac’s Olivo containers over refrigerated vehicles. Being able to transport chilled, frozen and ambient goods in a non-refrigerated truck resulted in significant cost savings on trucks and delivery consolidation. The containers on wheels had unexpected benefits including an improved OH&S environment, minimisation of thermal exposure (that normally occurs when unloading cold goods), and additional temporary cold storage space in their retail stores.

This premium bakery chain bakes and delivers cakes, pastries, bread and savouries as well as ice cream. Baked goods must be kept at a constant + 0 to 4 degrees Celsius and ice cream at – 18 degrees Celsius at all times.

Refrigerated Transport

Rather than use expensive refrigerated trucks for food transport, the bakery chain chose Olivo insulated containers to transport pastries and ice cream to their retail stores. The containers allowed them to transport chilled, frozen and ambient goods in a non-refrigerated truck resulting in significant cost savings on dedicated refrigerated transport trucks and delivery consolidation.

Their Olivo containers were fitted with wheels, and this alone provided significant benefits.

  • Lifting heavy boxes was no longer an Occupational Health and Safety issue.
  • The thermal exposure and unnecessary strain on refrigeration equipment that frequently occurs when loading and unloading goods was minimized. The containers were easily wheeled…
    • Into fridges or freezers to be loaded or unloaded.
    • Between truck and storage area.

The bakery also found that additional stock could be stored in the insulated containers until space became available in the chilled display cabinets later in the day thus increasing the quantity of product available for sale.

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